Is pussy suppose 2 have an on/off switch?

Some men like it overly moist. Then you have the other men who like it creamy.

I mean let’s face it, if its thick as blue cheese then I don’t want no nigga inserting his pickle up in me! That’s just a platter with the celery and all.

If it’s too wet aka Liquid, then how can a man enjoy the pussy if he keeps sliding out? (Cause you know how the men react when the pickle keeps sliding out). They act like its your fault their dick won’t maintain and that you can’t grip their cock when you too busy tryna get your nut too!

So I’m asking myself this: When is too wet, wet?
And when I’m wet, why won’t his dick keep me that way?!

I get it now!

Pussy so wet make a nigga nut soon as he get in!

Pussy so creamy make him keep fucking til the pussy get back liquid!


That’s my theory!
Men look at pussy all the same. And if he telling you something different then he’s lying!

The wetness might not be the same but the nut will be!
What’s your take on it?

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