Today I saw the dude who formerly was but was not “formerly” mines.

He sucked my toes and made me cum in wayS no other man did.

He fucked my pussy so hard it made my pussy talk back in codes his dick completely understood.

Last time we spoke he said he was going away to finish college and weeks later I was confused. 

I wondered why he never called me or maybe something happened to him. But he finally called with all his answers to my questions and my mood changed to lust all over again.

I was excited to get that good fuck but he fell asleep from driving out-of-town all night to see me, so I forgave him and shifted plans for the next day.

He made me realized what pussy meant to my body and I never forgot that.

This time we lost contact for good and I forgot why.

I wondered for years what he was doing and why we never kept in touch.

I was pulling up to the Jamaican Restaurant and SAW HIM!  He was standing outside in front of the barbershop talking to a few dudes. I froze. Didn’t know if I should speak or let him be, seeing as those I was not expecting to see him and I was not at my best. LOL I wanted to make an impression after years, or being missed, but who knew I’d see him like this?

I called his name and then hid behind the glass door in the store like a kid playing hide and seek and when he turned around I knew it was him for sure. And that I didn’t forget his name.

My hands were shaking, don’t know why, but there were.

I don’t know if he didn’t see me or thinking should I just walk down there and show my face.

I didn’t!

I even drove past him slowly to see if he would turn around, but he didn’t.

I think I was more concerned about the way I look and if my lasting impression would be my best, as oppose to just running to him and giving him a hug after all these years of not seeing him.

Even at the light to go home I thought about if I should turn around, but I refused. If I was ready I would have, but I wasn’t so I let him go again.

Hopefully I’ll see him soon.

2 responses »

  1. waterboy130 says:

    Wow that was awesome! *snap* *Snap* I’m inspired. Can’t wait to see more!!!

  2. Muney says:

    Damn shawty you probably missed ya blessing

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