Ok! So we all know my head game is not something proper!  I mean, let’s be realistic, I’m not a superstar but I haven’t been sucking on popsicles either!

I’ve tried and tried, believe me. But I am gagging at the thought of sucking dicks and the pre-cum that comes along with it.

It’s not like I don’t want to learn and do it, it’s just that you can’t do it to every guy.

This one particular dude had the nerve to try and show me how to suck his dick and that had me laughing.

He was excited like he was going to get my lips and only lips on his dick as if I’m not going to wife someone up any day now.

He was coaching and telling me how to lick his shit and rub it. I couldn’t help but laugh in his face and he felt kind of embarrassed because not only is his shit small but my left hand devoured his dick and I barely jacked it because his shit was teeny. I could’ve used my index and middle finger to top off his shit da way I was in tears of how small his dick was.

Then he was telling me to play with his balls! I’m like wtf, nigga I know how to play with the dick, it’s the most important part, hell I watch pornos-I’m onto my pre-head giving stage.

He then proceed to tell me–no-no nospit! on it as if I’m not disgusted as it is about putting my non-tainted lips on his suspect penal. He’s like trying to get it in and I am in a daze as if he’s not there and why did I even let him hit.

You know why?

because I didn’t want to waste good cootchie juice. I rushed in my bathroom so fast washing myself off like Jada pinkett did in set it off and was so disappointed in what just happen. I’m definitely not, well hoping I wont have to go through that again.

*still scrubbing*

2 responses »

  1. tonytouchrants says:

    i am laughing my ass off…if this rilly happened i’d hate to be that guy.

  2. waterboy says:

    I love how u keep it all the way real about EVERYthing! When u really wanna do it, ita be awesome because ita be your focus !

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