They say big girls can’t take no dick, but I say long dicks can’t do shit but pose. All it’s good for is to look pretty and stay hard.

They say having a tongue ring makes the dick stay wetter because the ring stimulates the veins and keeps the dick solid, but I say any tongue is good tongue long as the dick cums and you swallow.

 They say big titties are better than small titties because the dude can get a good grip with his dick while he tittie fucks as oppose to the small titties which can’t hold a condom wrapper dry and sticky.

They say cam pics are overrated and streaming is where it’s at, but I say fuck all dat shit a pic is a pic and take it or leave it or get left with no pic at all!

They say pussy is not supposed to be eaten but dick gets sucked, but I say what’s the big fucking deal when they both leak!

They say men have the most fetish as women stay choosing, but I say most women don’t have time to find hobbies when fetishes don’t pay bills!


…wanna add a They Say?

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2 responses »

  1. waterboy says:

    Very true statements! Very very!!!

  2. sunnydelyte21 says:

    I fucking love this!!

    Nothing to add yet but 2 thumbs up for this!!!!!!

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