I lost him.


How did I fuck up like that?

Everything I did was at the right time and every moment was timed to perfection.

I begged him to stay but he chose to leave. 

Like what we had was nothing to stay for.

I’m caught.

Yea, he caught me.

I was in the moment of fucking his friend and his just stood there.

He was silent and watched us finish.

Then spoke when his friend nut and told me he loved me.

He fought.

We fought.

The room was a ring.

All he could say was I’m nothing without him.

And he was right.

Maybe I was vulnerable.

I don’t know what caused me to fuck his friend.

But I can’t turn the page to four hours ago and refresh.

Committing suicide because dick is imperfect?

You cannot force a man to caress the pussy when he’s never there to seduce her.

So I was tempted.

So was his friend.

He came, I came.

We both sighed in release and we don’t even squint when passing by each other in public.

It’s like it never happened.

And I’m glad it has turned that way.

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