Vulva: The vulva has a sexual function; these external organs are richly innervated and provide pleasure when properly stimulated.

omg where do I start?!

Its incredible what a brush of a man’s dick can do to a pussy.

As a teenager or even younger if you’ve been testing the waters for a min, you know what’s it’s like to be dry humped. Just the brush of his dick against your front clothes makes your whole pussy drizzle when he comes off you.

Same goes before insertion.

That’s the whole part of being teased.

Like a man who taps his dick against the pussy or rubs it on your clit to get you moist so he can tell the pussy that he’s ready to beat it up.

Then you grab the Dude and tell him: “Fuck me” so he knows you’re not trying to wait any longer for his solid rock.

Teasing is for suckers and the more you rub against my clit the more I’m eager to grab the dick myself and put it in for you with or without your help!

It just feels so good when it’s being played with.

That’s why most men rub against the clit while going deep to give the woman both penetration that he’s hitting the spot as well as keeping her vulva entertained while he keeps her moaning in pleasure.

A Public place is the best tease to get the clit exicted and Im down if my man is down.

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  1. Waterboy130 says:

    Well damn! A must read for all! Buttah! Buttah!!

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