Wow!  Something I read and Laughed my ass off!!!!


Picture this… a man and a woman meet, go out on a few dates, chill for a few weeks (she has that 90 day rule y’all all claim), but they never ever go “all the way”.

There are a few instances where the couple are intimate, but their up close & personal encounters ONLY involved oral sex… that’s it. The two soon break up without ever having shared each other in “that” way.

Fast forward a year later.  The ex-boyfriend receives a summons for court to establish paternity and child support for “their” daughter.

Where day do that at???

This true story of the ultimate deception doesn’t involve your standard everyday scandalous hoe… no sireee! This chick was a specialist…  *sigh*

Dr. Sharon Irons (an internist) dated Dr. Richard Phillips (a family practitioner) in January 1999 and within a few months the two became engaged.

According to Phillips, the two discussed the possibility of having children and he made clear his intentions: he did not want children until after they were married and any pre-marital sex would require the use of condoms.

Throughout the course of their relationship, they engaged in only three instances of oral sex: they never went “all the way.”

As the relationship proceeded, Dr. Irons never informed her new boyfriend that she was, in fact, still married. Five months into their relationship, she fessed up that she was not divorced and he decided to end their relationship.

Fast-forward to November 2000… Dr. Irons served her stunned ex-boyfriend court papers to establish paternity and child support for “their” daughter.

How could this possibly happen, I mean he didn’t even get the pleasure of making the baby? Well apparently scandalous hoes come in all forms… even professional occupations.

On one of their intimate occasions, Dr. Irons did the unthinkable! After conducting a bit of headwork on Dr. Phillips, she held his semen in her mouth (where it was suitable to sustain viability) and then inseminated herself with it.  All without the knowledge of her “boyfriend” Dr. Phillips!

He didn’t even have intercourse which is the one and only act that, outside of fertility clinics, can foster a reasonable expectation of conceiving a child.  In fact, without intercourse (and outside of fertility clinics) creating a life is, simply, impossible.

There was no way, short of checking what his partner did with his semen after oral sex (do you know anyone who does that?) that he could have known that he could possibly father a child.

Dr. Phillips decided to sue his ex-girlfriend for fraud and emotional distress after the court ordered him to pay $800 a month in child support for the two year-old daughter he never had the pleasure of making.

Phillips said that his former girlfriend, Irons, deceived him by stealing the semen that she obtained through oral sex with him, and using it to get pregnant without his knowledge.

Phillips also accused his former lover of “calculated, profound personal betrayal,” claimed he was haunted by “feelings of being trapped in a nightmare” and that he had trouble sleeping and eating. He asked the court for compensation for moral damages.

Irons claims she did nothing wrong. The woman added that Phillips’s anguish could not be considered a reason for a lawsuit. The court agreed with Irons, but Phillips refused to give up and filed an appeal.

While the higher court agreed that Ms. Irons “deceitfully engaged in sexual acts, which no reasonable person would expect could result in pregnancy,” it also decided that the sperm was not stolen.

The Illinois Appeals Court finally acknowledged the rightfulness of the deceived man:

The court ruled that Sharon Irons had a sexual affair with Richard Phillips to obtain his semen. Oral sex eventually resulted in pregnancy, which is obviously impossible, and testifies to premeditated fraudulent intentions of the woman, the court said.

The judge added, however, that it was not correct to accuse Irons of sperm theft. Ejaculation was a gift of the plaintiff. Furthermore, there was no agreement that the original deposit would be returned upon request, the decision said.

Courts don’t give a dayum how the egg was fertilized, there’s a child involved

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