So I’m talking to one of my guy friends and of course, we get on the topic of 3 somes. For the record, I am NOT down for no shit like that. To eaches own, but not me.


We start playing the questionnaire game and like that! The juicy shit begins. After I got off the phone with him, I felt like a nun compared to all the freaky/nasty shit he has told me. I haven’t even went through the video stage yet. Dude has collections of bitches. And they actually like being taped. Like what goes through a chic mind: “ hmm, let’s see, today I wanna be videotaped and fucked like a goat on top of a baby horse in midday”.


This is what he said happen on one of his many sexcapades. No bullshit, he’s telling me what to type as we speak. He remembers verbatim. It’s like he has a photographic memory of each night he fucks bitches.

*clears throat* < — side eye at myself for starting off that way.  smh.

The question was, have you ever been in a 3 some and if so, what happened?

His words: “have I? Ha! I got excursions of shit!” and then he continues…

The first would have to be my first 3 some. Trina came over to my house with her home girl Desiree’. So I’m extra excited; horny; etc. They took a shower together, while they in the shower I was smoking and making drinks. So they finished and came into the bedroom on got comfortable on the bed. There is no better feeling than having two bad bitches in your bed there for you. So we smoking, drinking, talking and then it pops off.  Desiree’ came over and pulled out my dick and started going crazy on my shit, sucking, deep throating, spitting, just man handling my dick. As she doing that I start eating Trina’s pussy for a few mins. Trina eventually joined Desiree’ and both of them were sucking my dick. One sucking the dick, the other one sucking my balls. Smh looking down at two bad bitches with my dick in they mouth was priceless for me. After all that I fucked them switching positions, one riding my dick while the other riding my face; fucking one from behind while she eats the other out. We did that all night till I finally came in they mouth. The end.


ME: Flat line


No bullshit! True hood shit at its finest.

Dude is amazing. Like he tells me what I need to be doing when I feel my sex game is a little off and boy when I tell you he is a pro, no joke…he bout’ dat life! LOL

The stories I hear on how he treats females are crazy. Like who in they right mind would let a dude choke them during sex? Only those bitches. LOL



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