WAIT! Yall thought I was lying huh?

Well good thing your thoughts were wrong! Here it is. Got tired of people asking me for it through email. LOL

Winter Boo Application


Name ____________________________________________________

Email _____________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________

Age (must be 21+) ________________



: Must have own car (No walkers. Unless you are sucking the pussy through a straw, I will not be picking   you up).

: You Must be ON CALL.

: Naked only (trench coat optional).

: Eat before you come.

: Condoms are a must.

: Baby oil and Liquor.

: Handcuffs.

: Whip cream.

: Shave your dick area or neatly trim that shit (No Taco Meat).

: No videotaping or camera phones (All items will be checked at the door).

: Must know your way around the pussy, i.e not getting lost or derailed to the asshole. I don’t play that.



If you’re tired, DON’T COME.  I AM NOT entertaining sleepy dick!

This position is for 3 months. Nov-Jan.  The WINTER season. Which MEANS this is a temporary job! So don’t depend on this job as a career choice. Seek other positions.


Signature ________________________

Date   ___________________________


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