How many times did you think about leaving and never coming back?

The thought of ending up with the person you figured you would spend the rest of your life with was a total dud!

I can’t tell you how to pick your mate, but I can tell you how to weigh your options.

I saw my friend put up with the man she was not considered compatible for—all because she flexed her standards for beauty.  Yes! He was gorgeous, but he was also a jerk. He made it clear that he was with her because she chose him, and not the other way around.  That is Unacceptable.

The cooking, cleaning, playing house wife but not in that order, was to say the least.

A woman should know her limits and what not’s of what she will put up with.

A man can underestimate a woman’s worth but not her judgment!

And you can quote me on that shit!

So be smart and set goals.

Whether it’s temporarily staying till you get your priorities in order and faking it or leaving and rejoicing and having the upper hand when faced with ultimatums you know you can overcome.

If you have to, BREAK UP WITH THAT NIGGA! Hell, write it down, make plans. No matter how you plan it there will always be an end result you will be proud of.

You can’t be with a person you think far ahead with.

It’s like you know you’re going to marry the very first day you meet the person you barely know.

Do not insert him or her into a slot to fulfill your desires to rush love.

I had a vision to marry my first love once, HA! Good thing that was a vision.

Learn from them.

Yeah, your mistakes.

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