Remember when gas prices were 99 cents?

Ha! Those were the days.

At one point it reached prices so high people diluting the gas to make it stretch for the week. LOL

These were the times when everything was cheap.

You could buy a good pack of Grade A weave, no name brand, for 20 bucks. If that.

You could buy a slick of pizza in NY for under a dollar and have change left over to buy a quarter water or soda.

Flex-N-Brooklyn was the show to watch and attend on the weekends.

BCAT had the best hood videos.

It was cool to wear gold outfits as an everyday attire and not for videos.

You could jump somebody and all they would do is come back and jump you, NOW, they killing you or making you get buck naked and then killing you.

You could go somewhere after school (that was before neighborhoods got crazy and too much to handle) and be in a band, stepping shows, african dance, double dutch or any craft you desired.

All these things are a reflection of the past and if we can just change how we reflect today maybe we can have memories of 2012 and how it can be just the same as the past. Well not the same but close.


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