It’s so funny what you can accomplish when you ignore a hater!

Being biased and mean is far from similarity alone… far from but…

So when you hate, what do you exactly mean when you’re doing it?

I’m progressing with my life, taking steps to not fail, taking feedback as being honest but not harsh, and what are you doing?  Hating!

You have many different kinds of haters so let me break it down for you in case some don’t come to mind.

You got the “I’m not hating but being a true friend hater”: One who “claims” to be giving you honest judgment as being your “true friend” but really wants to watch you fall. Doesn’t like the fact that you look better than them, got to an idea first or would rather it be them on top and you’re the one giving the hating ass criticism to them to make them feel good about themselves.

You got the “I can never keep a man but wants to tell you how to run your relationship type of hater”:  Nuff said! The girl who ALWAYS wants to butt in your business  and tell you to leave your man, how he ain’t no good, she ALWAYS “sees” him with an ugly hoe, always wants to know if he got friends, and the best part, CAN NEVER KEEP A MAN!

You got the “Your girl a fucking hoe hater”: This guy who always seem to think every girl you get with is a hoe! The same guy you see smashing drunk bitches but can never keep a sober bitch and if he did get a sober bitch the chic realized she was dumb for pursuing in the first place after she found out he was WACK! It’s like this hater has spidey senses to sniff out a hoe on instinct. This is the same hater who probably pumps in less than 2 ½ mins flat and (I’m being generous), gotta roommate (cause he too broke to afford his own place), or probably not moving forward in anything he do in life.

You got the “Don’t take this personal or get offended hater”: Everything they say is BULLSHIT! I’m offended, I took it personal, you’re deleted out my space, FUCK YOU!

You got the “I’m there for you but talk behind your back hater”: These are the ones who comfort you when you’re in need, listens to all your hurts and painful explanations, knows everything about you, then what happen? They shit on you after you all better! Your no longer in pain, you got your shit together, moving forward in whatever obstacle you failed at then one day you “happen” to bump into an old friend, maybe a colleague trying to catch up, and you never know how it started but THEN YOUR NAME comes up! The times you thought he/she was there was the time he/she was slick talking shit about you.  Oh what a tangled web we weaved.

And then you just got the “Plain old hater”: No matter what you fucking do, they HATING!

It’s hard for a muthaphukah to see you prosper in anything you put your hand and feet in but all you can do is laugh at a hater in their face and say: “What are YOU doing with your life?”

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