When is it cool to run your mouth?

When you’re not spoken to or shit doesn’t involve you!

Some people don’t really get the concept of it much now do they?

Do these people exist in your life? Maybe so.

To whom do you consider one of these people?

The Pathological liar, the Blabber Mouth or The Fool.

Pathological liar: These are the people who start to believe their own lies after they have been lying so much. It started with a small lie, then escalated into some bogus nonsense that got out of control, all from them running their mouth.

Blabber Mouth: These people just talk too fucking much! You tell them not to say nothing when you confide in them (sometimes these people are all you got to talk to) and they still go run their mouth, and when then the story goes from just telling the person a little bit of the story to telling them the whole fucking musical play, that’s when you need to buss they ass!

The Fool: They just dumb. When they talk, you get confused. Like what the fuck are you tambout’?  When you listen to them talk you just want to laugh because even when they are explaining shit to you, THEY get confused themselves and pause like: “hold up, lemme think. Ok so where was I?” syndrome.

You have to analyze these people and think to yourself, would they hurt you? Will you benefit from a person like him/her? And how much can you tolerate?

Be smart in who plays a role in your life even if it’s temporary.

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