You ever have a friend, I guess that’s what we calling them these day, NEVER shoot the fair one?

Always talking about beating somebody ass or jumping them?

Steady running they mouth how they put people in the hospital for a living and how they can go anywhere, in any hood, and nobody NOT fuck with them?

Well I’m here to tell you that these people are pussies!

You’re welcome.

I know you’ve thought about it, I’m just saying what you really feel.

I think if you have to brag about your hand skills then you’re probably really not throwing them hands like you say.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen a few bad bitches get mollwop’d too and I’ve also seen a few dudes get bodies off my homeboy alone, but at some point you can’t win every fight.

It’s like a person saying their certified on paper to fuck you up.

No one wants to befriend a bully, nor wants to know that every time they go out with you their always gonna have to get the car because they know they will be kicked out of an establishment when hanging out with yo’ ass!

Beat someone’s ass when it’s necessary not when it’s convenient.

And if you are, play fair. Don’t try to fight a midget knowing you got the upper hand. Or don’t talk tough to a 5’2 person just because you 6’5 and can point in a person’s face to test their patience. Shoot the fair one.

Do that shit when they’re your size or can equally defend themselves.

It’s like talking tough to a judge and knowing you’re gonna go to jail. You’re a pussy in court but not on the streets.

Lesson learned today.

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