The saying goes… Well MY saying goes: If I see 60 niggaz in ONE small ass VIP section sharing ONE bottle of champagne, then ALL dem dudes fucking each other!

I don’t get the point of all yall coming to a club to “stunt” for the bitches, but THERE’S NO BITCHES to stunt for.

I know the people outside looking in like: WHERE THE FUCK IS THE BITCHES?

Then if you do see a bitch, she’s usually the one co-signing the bullshit they presenting.

Most of the time, it’s usually a bitch who broke and tryna come up to look like she the “down chic” or the “First Lady” of the bunch, but I call that Fraudism. Real bitches don’t have to pose with 60 men to show she got boss status—bitch you a fraud!

I remember one time this dude was trying so hard, and I do mean SO HARD, to get my attention, and I was TRYING SO HARD to ignore his ass, but he gave way. The chic I was with—was like just go over there, for me, I wanna holla. So I’m like, okay only for you. While I was trying to put on my best “Stoosh” mannerisms, the dudes in the section were beyond hilarious. What was really going down was what I thought to myself was happening when I was across the bar ignoring his ass.

Can you believe all these niggas was pitching in to share the one bottle they were trying hard to stunt for? Yea that’s right. They were pitching in like 60 college students on gas for band camp.

What ever happened to the one main dude who paid for everybody shit?

Or the kingpin who bought bottles instead of bottles and pulled bitches into the section for attention?

Newsflash: There are none.

Well at least from what I’m seeing.

I couldn’t stop laughing at these dudes. One of the guys thought I was laughing at his dry jokes, but instead, I was really laughing at his wack ass approach. They whole section was rented. Literally. They couldn’t afford chasers or garnishes if they tried.

Have you experienced this before?


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