I’ve had time to appreciate life more (not that i didn’t appreciate it before)..and you know what?

I can truly say that I can’t complain.

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Being blessed is an understatement.

Biggie said it best in ‘juicy’, “It was all a dream”.

As I write this while listening to music, looking out my window, and passing these beautiful clouds–there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than writing you Guys.

When I tell you that making a list and following through is true loyalty, I mean it!

Everything I’ve written down on my list of things to achieve has already been completed!

And I know it’s cliche’ but, it works!

I had to stop and think like: “So what do I do now?”

I guess I just create another list. Yup! CREATE another one and continue to soar.

Don’t give up and be positive!

You don’t know how much I appreciate the emails, readers, and loyalty you have to the things I put on this blog–even when I take forever to post. Lol

Every time I fly, I always meditate on the clouds and I was hoping you would too — by seeing life for what it is and follow through with your actions in life — moving forward.

So…Tell me about your list

What have you achieved so far?

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