“Hey buttahbrown,

I see that you’ve been doing this for a minute. So what advice would you give me as a person starting out in the medical field? I am a stay at home mom but I want to go back to school. I know the best answer is to be smart and do what’s right but what is right?


[Reader Name & Email Edited]”






First off, how are you?

Second, what the heck are you tambout’?


I actually had to edit a few of your questions and pick the one I wanted to answer because it was all over the place. I don’t want to be mean or anything to you, seeing as though you’re an avid reader, it’s just that it was so many questions asked in one paragraph I didn’t want to respond all over the place to you. You see what I’m saying?

Any who, I think the best choice is the right choice. I totally agree with you in every sense. However, do you think that you’re ready to go back to school? If so, there are many alternatives to get the ball rolling if you are.

You can plan out the courses you really need to test the waters, seeing as though you’re a full time mom, and you can also see if the campus has a nearby childcare center to see if it’s convenient for you to attend and pick up your child(ren) with the appropriate times arranged ahead, of course.

Are you a single parent?

I know it’s redundant but sometimes women tend to say they’re a single parent when they really mean to say the father just won’t pay child support. The term can be defined in all levels of the direction it could take but I won’t go there.

There are many parents who are going back to school as well that can give you feedback on the benefits of going back or just trying it out to see if school is what you really want right now and this can be a great plus. Single parenting doesn’t have to be that bad or in my opinion, as bad as people make it seem. You are only as good as your company and if your company is not supportive then there’s no need to try and go back to school at this time.

Which leads me into a few other questions, will you have the help needed if you’re not a social person? , The help to motivate you to go back? , the help to root you on, per say?

Sometimes going back to school can be a task by itself if there’s no planned planning or relief ahead of the ending tunnel.

Overall, I think it’s a great idea!

I never doubt a person who wants to try or keep at it. Hell! I motivate myself with or without a team behind me and I mean that loosely seeing as though I feel alone sometimes—but who doesn’t when faced with adversity? Exactly.

I believe in you.

Go for it!

You’re welcome.

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  1. nice…lol encouraging…kudos

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