There were quite a few emails but I summarized the questions I thought were okay to answer. However, some were redundant and stupid but I didn’t want to NOT answer your questions so, here I answered.


A man for one day, who would you be?

Denzel. That guy is Amazing. No matter how old he gets, I will always get moist in any role he plays.

A Sex toy, what kind?

I use none. Not a big fan. Next!

A Jersey Shore character, who would you be?

Ronnie. I’m so Ronnie. Minus the muscles. I’m all ass. Breast too.

A basketball wife, who would you be?


How tall are you?


Is there anything else you won’t talk about besides sex?


Give me a topic and I’ll run with it.

The cheapest thing you bought this week?

Who wrote this?

Show your face at once.

Where are you from?


Would you let someone call you from the net?

Of course. I will add a Skype line soon as I get more readers. You see how I promo’d that in there? LOL

Will you have a three some with two guys?

Definitely. Me, Jesus, and God. *waves bible*

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