It’s the people who always “lose” their cellphone that don’t give a two F’s about your feelings.

For example, you know I’m not the only one who have numbers in my phone for months and then decide to call that ‘old friend’ to check on them but to your surprise, that muthaphukah don’t have your number in their phone. Ain’t that about a bitch!

It’s funny how I never deleted your number, so why you deleted mine is the question I want to know!

These are the people I call Hidden Fees. Something always “pops up” with them. They always got some excuse as to why they never got around to putting your number back in their phone as if cellphone providers didn’t create backup and restore.

Let me tell you something about me, if I change a phone, my number, whatever, I always make sure I backup and restore my phone or have my USB data disk with me. Hell, I even see people with those on their key chains, but who am I to talk?

Maybe I’m a standalone when it comes to data. *shrugs*

So anyway, I asked this person is it too much to ask to check up on me?

Their response: “Not at all”. 0_0

Am I the only one seeing something wrong with this answer? Ha!

Put it to you like this, people make time for what they want or who they want to see or hear and that same thing applies to calling or texting (Although I’m not into the texting as most would be but I’ll take it). So if you change phones like you say, then why not call to let me know. That shit is so wack!

If you have to change phones so damn much then you don’t need one. My advice is to rent a pigeon or a mocking bird, tie a string around the birds body, attach a small lightweight flying box to add letters, and send alerts that way because that’s the only way people are going to constantly keep up with the fuckery you protest is for people to try and understand your way of communication.

Funny, in my book.


Who me?

Nah, I’m just confused as to why people get mad when they call you and you don’t have their number, make this big commotion about why they should be in your phone and how worthwhile it would be but then wonder why I laugh and say, “What! You really don’t know who this is?”

The nerve of some people.


Has this happened to you?

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  1. Mo says:

    Only a fool would delete your math buttah!

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