The most beautiful thing in life is the Beating Heart.

It will tell you how to feel and move at the same time.

It’s like a summer breeze that never goes away.

The need to exist and co-exist with someone; in the same breath that he or she cries that makes you feel empathy.

I say this to say, life shows a person many aspects that one did not appreciate before. In regards to moving on and letting go, this time has long past and letting go was yesterday. See, a person lets go in their mind far before they let go in their heart. It might not have been love or the feeling of keeping the care button, it just might have been holding on to not letting go.

Laugh with the enemy.

Laugh with the Ex.

Laugh with the one who knows your heart the best.

Laugh with YOU, yourself.


A smile goes far than a frown or disappointment, even if it’s your own.

Congratulations are in order for progress and the future it holds for letting go.


Be beautiful and Blessed.

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