If I Could– Reader Emails Answered

There were quite a few emails but I summarized the questions I thought were okay to answer. However, some were redundant and stupid but I didn’t want to NOT answer your questions so, here I answered.


A man for one day, who would you be?

Denzel. That guy is Amazing. No matter how old he gets, I will always get moist in any role he plays.

A Sex toy, what kind?

I use none. Not a big fan. Next!

A Jersey Shore character, who would you be?

Ronnie. I’m so Ronnie. Minus the muscles. I’m all ass. Breast too.

A basketball wife, who would you be?


How tall are you?


Is there anything else you won’t talk about besides sex?


Give me a topic and I’ll run with it.

The cheapest thing you bought this week?

Who wrote this?

Show your face at once.

Where are you from?


Would you let someone call you from the net?

Of course. I will add a Skype line soon as I get more readers. You see how I promo’d that in there? LOL

Will you have a three some with two guys?

Definitely. Me, Jesus, and God. *waves bible*

Reader Question

“Will we get to see pictures of you?

[Reader Email Edited]”


You first!


I will post some when the time permits.

However, you guys can send me some pictures and I’ll post them of you to show my appreciation. No explicit photography, though. This is not King of Diamonds Amateur blogging. Okay!


WTF: Ah Yah So Nice

“She wine pon mi cocky put mi cocky out ah socky”

Dedication: Art To Think About

Random Thoughts..


If we can’t help ourselves, how can we help others?

Dedication: Mali Music -The Job Experience

Dedication: FunkyDineva

I don’t know about you but I love me some FunkyDineva.

This guy has a bunch of videos that will have you non stop rolling. I’m mad he said the 90’s. Lol

I really wasn’t gonna post because I’m sure he has plenty of fans but as I sit here and watch his latest installment for his review on episode 5, I had to go back and get another laugh for the road.



Reader Question

“Do you plan on turning your writing into something else, like a book or mini-series?

Also, you single?

[Reader Email Edited]”


This has got to be a guy, right? LOL

Answer: I’m kind of cuffed. Lease might or might not get renewed, is what I’m saying.

Moving On..

Wow, that’s a good one.

I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t offered to be on camera. The people that come across me are always saying I need my own show or that I need to show people my talent. It’s sad when I can’t show my full potential through my blog, hence I am always “doing something”, but it’s true!

I’ve learned to pace myself and if that means that it will take me weeks, months, or years to get there, then so be it.

I know I’ve been saying that my book is on the way, but it really is. The one thing I learned is to pace myself and let god. I was bussing my brain to rush this book and get the right book deals that I was losing myself in the process. I don’t care what anybody says; I would rather lose the book deal then promote and put out bullshit.

Although I am outspoken, believe it or not, I am so reserved it’s not even funny. It’s like a phone thug hiding behind a text. They have all the shit to say behind a camera phone but when you see them in person they are timid as the cowardly lion. Now let’s get one thing straight, I am no punk by all means but I am the type to think before I react and knowing I will have cameras in my face will put me back into reserve mode.

I remember one time I sat on my phone for about maybe twenty minutes, if that, and was going off on my ex-boyfriend, you heard me. I gave him everything but the moon to his ass. I also cracked a few jokes in between and continued the car ride like I just didn’t go HAM. Well, when I stopped at the gas station to meet somebody, I realized he was just laughing away. I peeked in the car and he was watching a video my phone recorded. I thought he was watching a video on his phone but it turned out to be my phone and that he saw it recording the whole time. He said if he didn’t hear the beeping noise I would have been in trouble. I watched the video on playback with him and was dying with laughter. Boy am I *cough*, was I crazy.

I say this to say that, if cameras are rolling without me knowing then you might get some good action but, if I know I’m being watched– shit just might get real, too real, as in boring.

Who knows, I might consider though.

Dedication: It Takes Talent

And I’m not talking about flexibility either.




Whatever Happened To

Yummy Bingham?