[Explicit Content]

So I got this email today asking  me to advise a lady on a situation she thinks she might not be able to handle.

The question was: Being as though you touch on these sex topics a lot, I wanted to know if you could help me out with my man?

My inital thought was: What Thee Fuck!

So I scrolled some more and what she meant was that her man had a fetish that she could not settle and wanted me to give her answers that I thought I might not be able to give.

He asked her to fuck her asshole raw and have been continuously doing so w/chocolate syrup.

Now if I don’t know what’s nastier than that, I dunno what is!

Then he tried to make it sound sexy with the chocolate syrup *side eye*

Moving along…

I really don’t know how to answer something like that when I’m not even experienced in sex for that matter as much as people think. Especially the Exit area of the butt!

I don’t even let a dude go near the exit even to peek at it. So how the fuck will I know about chocolate syrup?

Anyway, as she goes on into how that’s not her thing but she does it to please her man she said she notices blood every time she lets him insert and she tells him but he says he has to continue opening up her hole so that it will stop bleeding. ***WTF****


So here’s my question to you honey: Why the fuck you even let it happen more than once?

And after you noticed blood you should have ceased all dick strokes on the exit right there. Point Blank!

As a concerned female I am letting you know that right there that’s some real battyman shit!

A man who loves the asshole more than the pussy either just left jail and loved the feeling, or tried the ass on some hoe one time and fell in love  with it which started the obsession with it now!

I mean how long have you been dating?

Why is he focused on pleasing himself and not you?

Where the hell is his mother and why haven’t you asked her has he had a troubled childhood?


Let me make it clear, I am not judging you, but I am questioning your choices.

Is your pussy not tight enough for him to stay in there?

So many questions…

I understand women want to please their men and are willing to go further in the bedroom to keep him but I honestly think that this is a lost you are willing to take and but you should take it.

From the emails you’ve written me I believe you are a great person and dick is a wonderful feeling but the asshole hurts and I don’t think it’s intended to bleed as much as you described.

But on the other hand if you don’t mind and are just concerned with the bleeding then all I can say is soak your ass (no pun intended LoL) in some epsom salt and  work your magic. Hey! I aint knocking it but I’m just saying.

What you guys think about that?

*cleans keyboard off with bleach*

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  1. waterboy says:

    I Mean what the hell is the purpose of the syruP? That visual is disturbing!! But I say red means STOP so no more anal bleeding!!!!

  2. Muney says:


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